7 Of The Best Video Marketing Tools Available

7 Of The Best Video Marketing Tools Available
7 Of The Best Video Marketing Tools Available

7 Of The Best Video Marketing Tools Available

Video Marketing is a method in Online Marketing by utilizing Video media to promote a product. So that achieved the objectives that have been planned. Here are some of the best video marketing tools available on the market. Each tool brings something different to the table and together they can help create the perfect video marketing campaign. All of these tools are fairly easy to come by and understand without a steep learning curve.

  • Camtasia

Camtasia is one of the best video marketing tools available when it comes to screen capture software. This is a really effective and easy-to-use tool that helps demonstrate if and how something works. The sophisticated design of the software allows you to focus on various parts of the screen at different times: keeping the focus where it is important. You can also incorporate URLs and additional notes into your video. This belongs in every businessmans toolbox and is number one on this list for a reason. Visit here for more information of Camtasia.

  • Animoto

Animoto is a useful video marketing tool for creating awesome videos when all you have is a collection of photos, videos, and music clips that might not have gone together originally. This will helps you bring all of these elements together in a symphony of marketing genius. You can add your own unique words, URLs, and even create awesome HD video presentations if you choose to use the professional version of the software. This is not an expensive tool, and it is very helpful during the creation process. Visit here for more information of Animoto.

  • Prezi

Prezi helps bring life back to the PowerPoint presentation by placing all of the useful information on a single slide and then moving around the screen to highlight certain talking points. The program is very sophisticated and can zoom, pan, or flip around the screen with ease. Its very easy to use and familiar to understand if you have used PowerPoint presentations in the past. This helps turn a PowerPoint into a useful video that your viewers will find entertaining and informing. With Prezi, you can focus on the big picture and then zoom down to emphasize the smallest of details. A very awesome additional to your video marketing tools. Visit here for more information of Prezi.

  • PowToons

This next one might seem a little comical, but it is a very incredible video marketing tool for reaching new audiences. It is called “PowToon” because it brings together the information qualities of a PowerPoint presentation with a cartoon angle. You can compile various slides into an interesting video and allows you to use cartoons to appeal to new viewers. Visit here for more information of PowToons.

  • Magistro

Magistro is here to make your job of editing and compiling video much easier. This is already such a time-consuming task that any additional assistance is always appreciated. Magistro will move through the various video clips and find the media that is most relevant and best for your new publication. You can then add your own URLs, text, and music to the overall presentation. It might not always find exactly what you are looking for, but it still helps sift through all of the junk when you need it the most. Visit here for more information of Magistro.

  • Sellamations

Sellamations is not exactly a video marketing tool, but a very useful service that can help improve your traffic by large numbers. They are going to publish your videos and manage the content to include interesting animations that convey information. It is not the cheapest service in the world, but the awesome quality of the videos will help tremendously. Visit here for more information of Sellamations.

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  • Xtranormal

Xtranormal is one of the DIY video marketing tools that we all love. It uses an advanced text-to-speech algorithm alongside animation features to help create a unique and interesting video from lectures or presentations. This is an entirely new way to share old information or new information in a fun new light. Its all do-it-yourself, so there is a bit of work to be done, but it is well-worth the work in the end. Visit here for more information of Xtranormal.



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