What makes healthcare communications the best practice?

Healthcare Communication
Healthcare Communication
Healthcare Communication is an interactive and engaging guide to establishing professional, practical and rewarding relationships which will support therapy and enhance patient health, safety and morale. This
can be done through employing use of public health campaigns, health education, and even through communication that takes place between a doctor and patient. The ultimate goal of promoting healthcare communications is to influence personal health choices by enhancing health literacy. It is believed that healthcare communications can be made more effective once the message has been carefully tailored for the audience and the situation. Industry experts are making use of different communications strategies in order to inform people about ways through which specific health risks can be avoided and healthcare industry can improve on the whole.International Communication Association officially recognized health communication in 1975; in 1997, the American Public Health Association categorised health communication as a discipline of Public Health Education and Health Promotion.

Careers in the field of health communication range widely between the public, private, and volunteer sectors and professionals of health communication are distinctively trained to conduct communication research, develop successful and repeatable campaigns for health promotion and advocacy, and to evaluate how effective these strategies have been for future campaigns.

Once health literacy is improved it would have an evident result on our personal health choices as well. Therefore, healthcare communications agencies are being hired by healthcare organization so that the appropriate message can be delivered to the audience. In terms of academic, healthcare communication has also been made as a discipline within communication studies as well. Through use of advanced healthcare communications, healthy practices can be promoted and basic knowledge and awareness of a health issue can also be improved amongst the audience.  It is deemed that patient’s perception of the quality of healthcare receive is highly dependent on the interactions they have with their healthcare clinician and their team.

Initially, the term healthcare communications was introduced by the members of International Communication Association (ICA). The key to success is developing and delivering effective messages about health. After carefully shaping the message, it is important to first assemble your team, plan and begin sharing. Essentially, it is considered for a PR agency to require help from healthcare industry expertise to promote better healthcare communications in the longer run. Without a doubt, in any field deep expertise does play an important role. In terms of improving healthcare communications within the healthcare industry, physicians tend to play an important role.

According to research, considering healthcare communications it has been indicated that there is a strong positive relationship between a healthcare team member’s communications skills and a patient’s capacity to follow through. During the last three decades, numerous studies have been carried out which highlight clinician’s ability to explain, listen and empathise tends to have a profound effect on biological and function health outcomes. In addition, effective healthcare communication also greatly increases patient satisfaction and experience of care.


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