7 Items or Clothes To Keep Your Warm In The Winter

7 Items or Clothes To Keep Your Warm In The Winter
7 Items or Clothes To Keep Your Warm In The Winter

7 Items or Clothes to Keep Your Warm In The Winter

At the time of Winter it must provide a variety of warm clothes, the goal is to keep the body warm and avoid diseases like flu, cough, and others caused by winter.

Well if you are confused what kind of clothes for the winter, here the author will give some examples of clothes, so you are not confused in determining clothing.
Before the winter, it should be immediately to prepare a variety of thick clothing so that when the season changes you are ready to use the clothes. But if you are not ready clothes, then it could be cold and even cause high fever. Therefore, you should listen to some types of clothing as follows.

  • Warm clothes

Usually, during winter time we will find deep shirts in the form of deep shirts, long sleeves and leggings shirts are worn for the inner layer before we wear clothes. Not just ordinary shirts, the material used is usually thin though warm. So we do not have to wear too many layers of clothes. If in America, commonly known as thermal, and from my experience, this is the warmest! .
If you go for a week, do not forget to bring about two to three pieces. Traveling longer than that? I think four pieces is enough and if it is dirty, stay washed. Given the material is thin, dried overnight alone is dried immediately, really.

  • Coat / Jacket

In choosing a coat / jacket, prioritize ingredients and thickness. Avoid coats made of cotton or jeans, because it will feel even cooler. Usually these two materials absorb the cold. There are special ingredients that are made to keep it warm when worn. Although we try here it’s safe, but not necessarily later in the same there.
The material used for coat is usually also available in short jacket model. If hesitant to buy a long coat, just choose the model jacket. So when it’s not holiday, who knows can be used if the air is cold as during this rainy season.

  • Hats

Usually this is often forgotten, as judged not really needed. Hats will be helpful if the air is not only cold but windy to keep our heads warm. According to my experience, this cold head is causing dizziness. Especially if the rain spots, hat will help us awake from the rain. Kinda a little complicated hell, if little bit we have to open the umbrella. The origin of the head is not subject to rain water, do not worry sick.

  • Gloves

For gloves, try to choose a piece of slim because if it is too thick, it will be hard for us to hold any object. Check also the material. Make sure there is a wool material to keep our hands warm. Oh yes, because this glove is one of the objects that we often open the lid during the trip, to be safe always bring two pairs. But actually, at the destination later there will be many funny gloves with affordable prices that we can buy as well. So, at least time away, we have provided one pair.

  • Scarves

Although I’ve been wearing layered clothes, it’s like I never came out without a scarf. Still, the cold air penetrates directly into the neck. And in choosing a scarf also do not select a cotton scarf. Keep selecting knitting material or scarf made of wool. In the days where we wear a turtleneck dress, maybe you can relax a little wearing a pretty scarf that is not too thick.

  • Boots

Another easy area felt cold: ankles. Therefore, although not necessarily, but it is safer if we also bring boots. As long as the air still does not reach below 0 degrees, we can still use ankle boots. But if it is below that, I suggest wearing boots sebetis and made of leather or some kind of UGG boots that will keep the foot warm.

  • Lotion

One of the fixtures in winter is to use lotion. Why is that? Because during the winter or rain usually the skin will be cold, causing drought. If the skin is dry, it certainly will not be healthy, because it causes the body skin to dry and rough. Therefore, you must provide and use lotions every morning and evening.


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