How To Copy Protected PDF Text

How To Copy Protected PDF Text
How To Copy Protected PDF Text

How To Copy Protected PDF Text

Generally, PDF authors, publishers are used to set users password and owner password for protecting its copyright. Its unblamable. As a result, for an users, if you do not have or forget the password of PDF; you will have no right and fail to copy text from encrypted PDF for reusing.

However, Is it possible to bypass the PDF authority limit and copy text from PDF? Of course, its possible, and PDF password remover is an efficient and quick tool to slove the problem.

PDF Password Remover is a professional tool for breaking PDF copy protection. Its easy to use and no special computer skill required for users. The PDF password recovery speed depends on computer configuration. After removing PDF encryption, you can copy text from protected PDF files for reusing. There is no data loss and quality problem.

Tips: Before using this product to remove the password of your password protected PDF files, please make sure that you can open the PDF files first.

How to copy text from protected PDF files with PDF password remover?

Step 1: Download and install the software here. Its a good choice to download a trail version of the software to try before your purchase.

Step 2: Import the target PDF files. After installing and launching the software, click “Add files” button to batch upload encrypted PDF files to the program.

Step 3: Output folder setting. Then only need to click the “Customize” button to set the output folder for the converted files.

Step 4: Remove the password of encrypted PDF files. At last, click “Convert” button to remove the copy password from PDF files. Itll take minutes, please be patient.

Step 5: Copy text from PDF as you want. Then, click “Open” to find the converted secure PDF files, and you can copy text from protected PDF files and reuse them.

There is a great way to copy text in a protected PDF file. You can copy text in pdf files without having to install any software like PDF Password Remover. With Google Chrome browser, you can copy text in pdf files, edit and print. It is easy to not need a special programming language, and does not need to learn advanced HTML. The following are the steps to copy text on a protected PDF file

How to copy text from protected PDF files with browser Google Chrome?

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  • Prepare the PDF file you want to copy.
  • Then right click on the file, choose open with, program, select Google chrome.
  • The PDF file will open on the Google Chrome browser page, but you do not need to connect to the internet.
  • Well, now just copy the desired text section, by: selection (block) the desired text, then right click, then select copy.
  • open Ms. Word, then right click and select paste.
  • Finish the part you want you already get.

Its difficult to copy text from PDF without authority to do it. However, sometimes its necessary to copy text from protected pdf files for legitimate propuse.


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